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Author Topic: squishy lump on my dog  (Read 24626 times)
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« on: July 23, 2008, 10:55:41 PM »

I have had this question posed to me millions of times, so I thought I would address it.
If my dog has a squishy lump that moves around A LOT, does that automatically make it a fatty tissue lump?
Na not necessarily and the true golden answer is simply that your vet needs to check it --> make sure but then you have a decision to make.  It has been our experience that if you are to "tap" the fat tissue deposit then you will likely rupture the fat tissue and possibly spread any disease (VERY unlikely) but the safest thing is to have it removed or monitor it depending on the size etc. Here are some things we recommend, these are in NO order! and are simply suggestions on what to do with fat tumors

1.  IF and ONLY IF the fat tissue lump is in some way hindering the dog from walking, then simply just take the lump off provided you can afford it.
2.  If the Fat lump is NOT hindering the dog then simply monitor it.  Take measurements, buy a 99 cent notebook and then write it down and date it.  Remember Fat tumors WILL fluctuate in size!
3.  If money is no object wait till you have 2 or 3 on the dog and then get them removed but think about it, do it when you are going to do a deep clean on the teethe or something like that, all we are saying is when one "pops up" don't simply do surgery every time that happens!

Just remember UNLESS the tumor is tapped or extracted the ONLY thing a Vet is able to do is tell you what they think. 

Again we say, enjoy your time with you pet and make their quality of life as good as you can, after all thatís our job!
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